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  • 44 Screenshot examples of engaging posts + a break down of the strategy each brand used so you can model it.
  • 30 Days of post ideas clearly outlined and organized.
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''This 'swipe file' is the same one my team and I pull out whenever we have to get inspired and create new social media posts. Download it... it's super helpful!''

- Kimberly A. Jiménez, Social Media Strategist

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Yeira Calderon Yeira Calderon, Founder | Social Wave Agency

”If you are an entrepreneur or an enthusiast, I highly recommend that you invest in yourself and your business. Zilch To Social is well structured, it covers every important detail that will make a difference in your business and the price is beyond accessible. More importantly, the course’s worth truly is immeasurable. In my opinion, it’s the best gift you can give yourself as an entrepreneur.”

Mike Usry Mike Usry, CEO | Prolifik Marketing

”Since working with Kim, we have seen our number of followers and fans increase daily. Her plans to engage and attract a community of followers is second to none. Kim’s strong work ethic and passion for new media has without a doubt, helped us deliver successful results on all of our social media channels.”

Change the way you write Social Media Posts, forever.


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