Social Media Recession: How To Survive And Market During Downturn

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Marketing Strategist & Founder

So the digital world buzzing because of the brief downtime of Facebook and Instagram!

Now, I don’t know about you, but it brought back memories of the last major social media shutdown – and a rather eye-opening conversation I had with a friend.

As we discussed the impact of Instagram’s downtime, she dropped a bombshell: “Instagram being down is messing with my livelihood!” 

Whoa, hold up. That statement hit me like a ton of bricks. 

I was so shocked that she casually said that, and from the look on her face I knew she could tell I was about ready to bust out one of my ”Momma Kim” rants as our TBL students call them. πŸ˜‚

But let’s get real for a moment…

It’s 2024, familia! Why are we still building businesses that are SO dependent on social media?!

People get mad at me when I say this, but I want you to be FREE to run your business in a way that doesn’t enslave you to a single platform (so I’m gonna say it anyway).

And, if we’re being totally honest…

I’d rather offend you with an uncomfortable truth to lead you to greater freedom & profitability than to comfort you with lies that will destroy your business.

So before you write me hate comments or mail, hear me out…

Meta (and most other social platforms) have made it very clear (through their actions and policies over the last few years) that they’re not interested in helping small businesses or even creators grow on their platforms.

From abruptly pulling their revenue-sharing programs on reels, to actively censoring small creators & businesses who dare question the ”acceptable narrative”, to completely shifting the algorithms a million times so people who follow you rarely see what you post…


It’s kinda chaos out in these social media streets! And while the headlines are much too dramatic, I included them so you realize this conversation has been brewing everywhere from the propagandist mainstream media to trusted experts in the online space.

I mean, we could be here all day unpacking this (and if you’re in The Business Lounge program, you’re probably tired of hearing Chris and I talk (rant, really) about this very real problem πŸ˜‚).

But it’s for good reason!

According to Social Insider, Instagram’s average reach is about 4-5% in 2024 (IF you have an engaged audience).

It’s why creators have been mass-quitting Instagram (it was the #1 most deleted app of 2023), and even YouTube earlier this year.


As Chalene Johnson eloquently put it in a recent interview, ”We’re in a social media recession.”

Yes, it’s real. And it’s not going away any time soon.

➑️ I did a whole video on Digital Resilience and 3 Must-Have Assets To Protect Your Business a while back in case you’re curious…

➑️ Or check out this one: Stop Relying On Social Media To Grow Your Business.​

I’m not saying social doesn’t have a place in your strategy, that it’s DEAD, or that you should QUIT it all together (I haven’t), but the writing has been on the wall for a long, long time…

And this is coming from a former social media manager who loveeees content and teaches content marketing all day, every day.

I want to see you WIN with content and not rely on a single platform for your ‘livelihood’ as my friend did.

So… what can you do instead to shift your current strategy?

It’s simple.

So, let’s get into it!

Create Long-Form Content

Put your energy and effort where it will give you a higher ROI (long-form content) and treat your marketing holistically by repurposing more of your long-form content into bite-sized pieces on social.

And for me, after 11 years in the business, long-form content has consistently proven to be the cornerstone of my strategy.

Now, I know what you’re thinking – ”But Kim, that sounds like a ton of work!”

Trust me, I get it. But with the right tools and strategy, it can actually save you a boatload of time.

So here’s how it works for me…

I start by creating my pillar content – for me that’s Podcast and YouTube. From there, I repurpose it into blogs, newsletters, webinars, and presentations. And then we slice and dice our long-form content into easily digestible nuggets as micro-content for social media.

It’s like recycling, but for your content strategy. ♻️

So, it’s a top-down approach that not only saves you time but also ensures that your message reaches far and wide.

That’s exactly how we do it and teach it to our students inside The Content Calendar System 2.0 course.



So, let’s make a pact to work smarter, not harder, shall we?

With long-form content leading the charge, we can turn one piece of content into a treasure trove of micro-content, reaching new audiences and maximizing our impact along the way. πŸ˜‰

Grow Your Email List

Invest in growing your email list and start sending emails consistently every week.

Here’s the thing: whenever I buckle down and stay consistent with my emails, we see a noticeable spike in sales. And you know what? The same holds true for our clients.

Why? Because there’s immense power in nurturing relationships and staying top-of-mind with your most valuable leads: your email list.

As I’ve emphasized in a previous episode on My #1 Tip To Boost Your Cashflow, the Return on Investment (ROI) for email marketing is an astounding $44 for every $1 spent! Yes, you read that right.

So, don’t underestimate the power of email marketing. Stay consistent, and watch your business flourish!

BTW – This is why you need to get your butt inside The Business Lounge when we open our next Spring Cohort!

We have dedicated courses on every single one of these topics + live workshops full of templates & resources every month so you’re staying consistent and getting your content DONE like a champ.

πŸŽ‰ Check out what happened when one of our TBL students started sending a weekly newsletter…

She added $4k from just TWO emails to her existing list (there’s no reason you can’t do this too)!


Build Funnels

Selling systems off your content (a.k.a. funnels) are like your business’s silent salesforce, working tirelessly behind the scenes to turn your content into customers automatically and intentionally.

We actually have an entire workshop dedicated to mastering this art at The Content To Customers Workshop.

In essence, funnels are your personalized selling system. They guide your audience seamlessly from awareness to purchase, all while positioning your offerings in the best light possible.

But where do you begin?

It starts with understanding your numbers, crafting compelling lead magnets, and grasping the fundamentals of funnel creation. If you’re eager to dive deeper into this topic, be sure to tune into our latest podcast episode for a detailed strategy breakdown.



Want even more hot cash flow & marketing tips? Check out some of our latest episodes you might have missed….πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»πŸ‘‡πŸ»


And there you have it!

I hope you’re feeling inspired and ready to take action after today’s discussion.

See ya next week.

Un beso! 😘




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