Stop Acting Like An Influencer, Start Acting Like A Business on Social Media
(My Unpopular Take)

October 7, 2021

Kimberly Ann Jimenez,
Digital Strategist & Founder

Alright, so we need to talk about why you need to stop acting like an influencer on social media and through your content creation and start acting as a business.

Most of us have gone through all the different phases when it comes to social media. 

We start and stop. 

We’re overwhelmed.

We get back on the horse…

And then we get stuck, thinking that we have to invest all of our time and our energy creating content when in reality, there’s so much more to running a successful, sustainable, long-term, profitable online business than just producing content.

Social media is an important tool, but we do it from a place of purpose and profitability. 

The goal is not just to get more engagement, followers, subscribers, and comments for the sake of it. All of those things are good, they help us get closer to a goal, but that is not how you grow a profitable business.

We have forgotten, or maybe we haven’t even been taught the fundamentals of business.

It’s easy to think that online business is just about creating content, engaging, and chasing all the shiny objects.

And that’s simply not true. 

Online business is about being an entrepreneur, making an impact, falling in love with your customers, and attracting buyers for your company. That’s the whole reason that we do content marketing. And a lot of us are just doing content without the marketing part.

That’s what influencers do. 

And it works well for them because they profit directly from their content. Entrepreneurs need to think completely differently about content marketing and the role it plays in their overall business strategy.

And that’s a lesson I learned early on in my career. 

I started working in social media marketing in 2012, and I’ve seen the progression of every generation of digital marketers over almost a decade.

When social media came on the scene, everybody was marketing their business and trying to be salesy and aggressive on social media. We didn’t understand how to have relationships with people and how to build trust and value.

And so marketers were constantly trying to teach people that you can’t be overly salesy.

And somewhere along the way, we just went the exact opposite. We were only adding value, engaging with people, never really asking for the sale, never really presenting ourselves as a business. But instead, following the trends.

And a few years ago, influencers became popular, so businesses started modeling influencers because influencers were creating a lot of engagement.

Listen, influencers get paid for having larger audiences, having great relationships with their audience, and getting many engagements and views.

But if you’re an entrepreneur, the way that you make money is totally different.

Entrepreneurs have a different business model, a different mindset.

We’re there to create value, create an impact, build a relationship and get the sale.

And that’s really what I want to start moving you towards. To start thinking differently, start to come back to business principles, and realize that you are on social media and creating content because you need to present yourself as a business.

So how do you do that? By changing people’s belief systems, addressing their fears and challenges, challenging the popular narrative, especially in the expert business space.

As an entrepreneur and business owner, stop acting like an influencer, like grabbing a product, reviewing it, and talking about the ingredients. As an entrepreneur, you have to think differently about how you create content and how you put yourself out there into the world as a content creator.

And that’s exactly what we’re diving into the Content Calendar System 2.0.

We give you a crazy reduced price on everything that we launch.

We have over 23 lessons, a ton of fantastic bonus workshops, and a step-by-step process of content marketing if you sell physical products or services or if you’re a personal brand or an influencer or course creator.

And then you’re going to go through the process of learning the habits you need to implement to become a more effective content creator that focuses on purpose, thinking about profitability before popularity.

And then we take you through individual modules and show you step by step guide in creating a content calendar from the perspective of a media company and level up your content workflow. So that instead of showing up and posting every day without having a strategy, you will have weeks of content in advance.

Then, we show you how to promote your content because it takes a lot of energy and many resources to put your content together. So if you’re publishing your newsletters, videos, and podcasts only one time, you’re not getting a fraction of the traffic, leads, and sales you should be getting.

I’m also going to show you how you can leverage digital tools to save you a ridiculous amount of time.

Bonuses, FREE downloads, resources, and so much more…

We’re here to make a difference in people’s lives. We’re here to make an impact, make an incredible living, and build generational wealth for the long term.

We have to work smarter and not harder. And that’s just where my heart is at. That’s what I’m trying to teach you inside the Content Calendar System 2.0, and it’s pretty insane that we’re making it available inside the Business Lounge. You can access it for free inside the membership if you choose to.

If not, that’s awesome; you’re still going to get $300 off, which is like 60% of what it’s going to be retail price for the public eventually.

If you’re ready to make that investment, if your business is going well, if you are excited about growing a business, please join us!

Thank you for listening. This is what’s been on in my heart or on my heart for the past couple of years.

You were the ones who inspired me to teach you my way of doing things.

We think bigger and look at our businesses from a holistic standpoint, and we’re smart about our time and our energy and resources. It doesn’t mean we’re lazy or we cut corners. It just means that we’re intentional, intelligent, mature, and we’re trying to leverage the platform instead of letting the platform leverage us.

I will end with that. I love you!

And I hope you join us inside Content Calendar System 2.0.

Un beso,

Kim 😘


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