Write Profitable Email Campaigns
That Actually Sell Even If You’re
A Terrible Copywriter

If the thought of writing email copy makes you cringe, you’re in the right place.

I’ve been there, and it looks something like this…

It’s 9:37 AM, and today is the day you’re finally going to get that sales email sequence you’ve been putting off for months, DONE.

You open a fresh new document, place your fingers on the keyboard, and secretly hope perfectly articulated sentences will just come to you…

”Wait… Where do I even start? What should I even say?”

Instead, those are the questions that echo in your head over and over again.

Suddenly, you find yourself feeling less-than-confident, staring at the blinking cursor hoping and praying the right words will just magically come to you.

30 minutes go by and you’ve got… nothing.

”How come everyone else has these perfectly crafted email sequences and I’m literally struggling to start the first sentence?”

Deep breath.

There’s a much easier way to
write email sequences that sell…

And it doesn’t involve wasting hours on end staring a blank screen feeling like the worst marketer on the planet or spending thousands of dollars on a copywriter…

‘Cause here is the thing.

Writing copy can be a daunting experience, even for seasoned marketers. But at the end of the day, people who understand online business know without a shadow of a doubt that email marketing is the single most profitable marketing strategy on the internet (when you know how to leverage it).

I know because I’ve been in your shoes before (more than once). In fact, it took me more than six weeks to write my first (profitable) email sequence.

I wanted to welcome my new subscribers with loads of value and then offer them the chance to hone in on their skillset inside my courses and through my consulting services.

The problem?

I had no idea how to start, what to write or in what order to send my emails.

More importantly, when I tried writing emails they didn’t sound at all like me. More like a robotic, buttoned-up sales rep.

It was incredibly frustrating. On top of that, when I asked my business buddies what to do, their recommendations were to dish out 3-5k on a good copywriter.

Which was a great suggestion, except… I didn’t have that kind of mullah at the time.

And then there was knowing how important it was to write great copy. If I wanted to be a successful online entrepreneur, I needed to have email sequences that turned new subscribers into customers.

The tough part?

I didn’t have a framework or an idea of what to say in my email sequence and frankly, that made me feel like I was the only one struggling to come up with the perfect words to say.

Fast-forward five years and after spending countless hours learning, tweaking and experimenting with email copy, I figured out how to write email campaigns that convert without stressing out or feeling overwhelmed.

And now you can steal them from me.
That’s right.

You can snag my entire swipe file of email sequences right here and right now. And by swipe file I mean, these are the exact email sequences we still use to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales every single year.

Whether you want to welcome subscribers to your list, run a flash sale, launch a new product, re-engage them after one-too-many sales emails or build trust through a high-ticket sales sequence, I have you covered.

No more staring at another blinking cursor or racking your brain trying to figure out what to say.

I’ve gone through all that frustration, heartache, and countless of hours of hard as heck work so you don’t have to.


Let Me Introduce You To
The Ultimate Email Swipe File Kit

It’s Your New Email Copy BFF. 
56 Pages of Copy Gold That Will Make Your Copywriting Easy, Breezy So That You Can Sell More Products,
Add Value and Build Trust With Your Subscribers Without Breaking a Sweat.
This swipe file is an exact copy of our top 5 most profitable email marketing campaigns designed
to serve as a template so you can get writing powerful emails that sell — FAST.


And yes, these are real emails, sent to real subscribers that generated real sales.
So… what’s inside?

The Exact Swipe Files From My Top 5 Most Profitable Email Sequences.

Yep. You’ll be swiping 30+ real emails, send to real people that generated hundreds of thousands of dollars in real sales.

56 Pages Of Email Copy Gold You Don't Have To Slave Over To Create

That’s right. I put all the work in so you don’t have to. Say goodbye to writer’s block…

A Proven Framework For Generating Sales With Email Sequences That Actually Convert

You’ll see first hand how I organize, write and structure my email sequences within this swipe file PDF.

Inspiration Galore For Your Email Copy

Use my swipe file as a model you can tweak and customize to fit your own voice and unique brand .

Frustration-Free Plug & Play Sequences

Take away all the frustration and overwhelm of starting your email copy from scratch.
Because let’s be real. Sometimes you just don’t have the time or the energy to come up with dozens of pages worth of copy.
Seeing examples from real email sequences will give you a proven framework and a profitable starting point.

And hey, you should always add your own unique flair and authentic vibe to your email marketing. I am in NO way suggesting you should copy/paste my swipe file.

Firstly because, well, that’s illegal (you know, intellectual property rights and all) and more importantly because your ideal clients WANT and NEED your own unique personality to shine through your emails as you build trust with them and encourage them to buy.

I’m letting you in on email copy secrets most marketers would NEVER release to their communities without charging an arm and a leg. We’re doing it because the team and I are deeply committed to your success (and we actually mean that).

Seeing real examples of how you can strategically organize, write and structure your email campaigns will make a huge difference in your copywriting game. Plus, you’ll have a safety net to fall back on those days when your creative juices are just not flowing.

And let’s be real. We can always use a boost when it comes to getting our creative mojo ON.

Let’s Recap What You Get Inside…

Instant access to a PDF swipe file with my top 5 most profitable email marketing sequences.

56 page of email copy gold you can plug & play into your own strategy (or pull out when you're hitting a creative wall).

30+ emails to model and as you write your own profitable email marketing campaigns.

Email inspiration for DAYS so you never run out of ideas.

My personal Welcome Sequence Swipe File that I still use to welcome new subscribers.

Our exact Sales Email Sequence Swipe File for one of my best-selling programs that’s generated well into six figures worth of revenue.

The exact Launch Email Sequence Swipe File I used to launch The Business Lounge (our most popular product to date) into the world and attracted our first 100 recurring members.

My proven Flash Sale Sequence Swipe File which I use to promote all of my flash sales including this one.

The Engagement Email Sequence Swipe File I use to re-engage cold subscribers or nurture leads after a heavy promotion.

Plus, because this is a digital download, you get to keep your copy forever (can it get any better than that?)

Look. If all this Ultimate Email Swipe File Kit did was give you the confidence to write email sequences that boosted your sales, would it be worth it?
Heck, yes.

If all it did was build loyalty with your subscribers so they couldn’t wait to open up your emails and dig through your content, would it be worth it?


And if all it did was give you peace of mind so the next time you hit a wall with your copy you could rest assured that you had a word-by-word, proven swipe file to model, would it be worth it?

No doubt.

If you’ve read this entire letter up to this point you’re probably wondering, okay, Kim, I’m in but what’s the damage? How much are you charging for this swipe file kit?

I’d be lying if I told you getting these emails written didn’t cost me. I’ve spent years, countless hours and tens of thousands of dollars crafting profitable email sequences that convert.

And because I’m selling you the final product, not the theory behind it, I know we could easily charge hundreds if not thousands of dollars for this swipe file.

But we’re not going to do that because even though it would still be less expensive than hiring a copywriter, it wouldn’t be accessible for most solopreneurs (I know it wasn’t back then for me).

So we’re not selling it for thousands or even hundreds of dollars (yet).

Because this kit is brand new, we’re launching it at a special, launch-only price of just
$199 bucks.

Get Instant Access Now 

 the ultimate email swipe file kit


**$699 Value

Lifetime access. PDF digital download.

The Exact Swipe Files From My Top 5 Most Profitable Email Sequences.

Yep. You’ll be swiping 30+ real emails we use to generate sales.

56 Pages Of Email Copy Gold You Don't Have To Slave Over

That’s right. I put all the work in so you don’t have to.

A Proven Framework For Generating Sales With Email Sequences That Actually Convert

See first hand how I organize, write and structure my emails.

Inspiration Galore For Your Email Copy

Use my swipe file as a model you can tweak and customize.

Frustration-Free Swipe Copy

So you can model every email without the overhelm and frustration.

…But Is This Right For Me?

If you’re selling online courses, workshops, digital downloads or services like freelancing, coaching or consulting and you’re using or planning to use emails to follow-up with your ideal clients, this is the swipe file for you.

Will it work for other business models? Heck, yes, but you’ll probably have a few questions as to how to adapt it to your own products and services. I highly recommend joining our free Mastermind group where you can ask questions and get feedback on how to implement this swipe file for your business.


Can I Get My Money Back?

Because this is a digital download you will access instantly in the form of a PDF, there are no refunds for this product. 

To be clear, we do not offer refunds for this product. All sales are final.

Please see our Refund Policy for more information.

So, What Are You Waiting For? 

Your Ultimate Email Swipe File Kit is waiting for you on the other side of this page.

All you have to do is click on the button below, enter your payment information and you’ll receive your swipe file download instantly.

And hey, this is totally your call.

There’s zero pressure. You can absolutely choose to endure the long, painstaking process of trying to figure out how to write emails that sell on your own, put them in the right order and optimize them to generate more sales without a guide or trusty template to speed up your process and get you results right now.

Or you can be a smartypants, leverage all of my hard work and use my swipe file as a shortcut to writing emails that actually convert, build loyalty and make you more money.

Remember, you can get instant access to copy gold that you don’t have to slave over to create because, well, I already did that for you.

Don’t procrastinate, darling, because this offer ends in the next few days.




P.S. If you’re looking to write email sequences that actually convert, make sure to snag The Ultimate Swipe File Kit right now before the price more than doubles to the public. 🙂

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